Filter Upgrades

Filter Upgrades

If your looking to improve the performance of your heating system, or maybe considering using our Budget or Superior cleanse service, you may also wish to consider options in regard to upgrading your filter to a modern standard utilising magnetic extraction.

At Dr Radiator we recommend Adey approved products as our 1st preferred choice. Adey products are suitable for all heating systems, although where your boiler recommends an alternative we are happy to use these if you prefer.

Adey have a number of filters in their Magnacleanse range which will suit your requirements.Subject to the size of your heating system relevant to the size of your property.

The Adey filter range have a built in magnet within the filter which provides a permanent barrier to protect your boiler from the corrosive elements which build up in your heating system through water, the pipework and the radiators. The magnet traps the corrosive elements known as magnetite in the filter itself before it is able to enter the boiler.

This build up of magnetite can then be removed at each 2 yearly cleanse carried out by Dr Radiator Heating Services.

Watch this video to gain an understanding of how the ADEY Magnaclean Filters work.

This next video is a somewhat exaggerated demonstration, not realistic to a Home Heating System, but really shows the capacity of these wonderful Magnaclean filters.

Having a Magnaclean filter installed is a great idea. But it should be seen as part of a package. Dr Radiator recommends an annual Home Heating System Cleanse. And a two yearly Superior Cleanse in order to maintain the efficiency of your Home Heating System. 

Why not take a look at our Budget and Superior Cleanse service in order to help you consider options. If you need help, please, feel free to contact us.

You may wish to discuss your option in a little more detail. If so why not book a Free Home Visit and to get a fully personalised quote. You may also wish to consider having a Free Home Heating Survey, .or why not Order you Free D.I.Y Home Heating Testing Kit!

Adey also provides a series of products including cleaners and inhibitors to work alongside the filters in maintaining your heating systems efficiency.

Or alternatively take a look at our "5 FREE Mini Steps To Improvement" Which will help you on your way to a full recovery!

You may also like to find out more about out FREE D.I.Y Home Testing Kit.

Or take a look at our FREE HEATING SYSTEM SURVEY service.

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