Leak Detection Service

Leak Detection Service

Our leak detection Service has 72hr league time for appointments. The service is designed to help people with none urgent issues in tracing leaks within the domestic hot water and heating systems. 

(For gas leaks please contact us by telephone for advice. ALTERNATIVELY CONTACT YOUR GAS SUPPLIER IMMEDIATELY.)

Appointments are booked at a convenient time for both the customer and the engineer.

Where your issue is more urgent please see our Emergency Call Out pages.

We use a number of different techniques to help you find the leak that has been causing you so many issues. We use air, sound and heat to identify trouble areas and to zone in and pinpoint specific concerns for further investigation. We are happy at the customer's request to take evasive action to reveal the leak if it is not easily visible and to take remedial action on request.

Alternatively the customer can provide their own reveal and remedial works.

The charge you pay for this Leak detection Service Is £60 1st hour. Additional charges for full or part hours used applies. See below. Evasive action taken may cause additional charges for materials. Millage in excess of 10 miles from Chesterfield is charged at £1.25 per mile.

Additional charges after 1 hour . (9am-4pm Mon-Fri £30@hr, Friday 4pm-Sat 4pm £40@hour. Sat 4pm-Mon 9am £50@hr)

Whilst we endeavour to always find the leak, it is not possible to guarantee the leak will be found, or, that direct access can be with damage to your property.  Additional remedial works may be required. All remedial works completed by Dr Radiator will be chargeable.

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